Standardization Of Pu'er

Taetea – Setting the World’s Pu’er Tea Standard

As lovers of great tea, we know good quality is essential, especially where our health is concerned.


There are many ways to produce Pu’er; using different qualities of maocha (loose big-leaf tea) and various processing techniques, and unfortunately lesser quality Pu’er is sometimes falsely marketed under a well-known trademarked name.



Quality Benchmark Standard


Over the years the Menghai Tea Factory has become the most trusted and respected Pu’er producer in China.


Our 7542 Raw Pu’er and our 7572 Ripe Pu’er are publicly recognized as the quality benchmark standard all Pu’er in China is judged against.


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Taetea is working with the highest Quality Standard and Food & Beverage Authorities to ensure that all Pu’er producers use only genuine high quality Pu’er leaves and adhere to the proven best growing and processing practices.


See: OTA for more information on quality Pu'er