Classic Series

Our Classic Series includes the world’s most popular Pu’er teas. Our millions of loyal customers have enjoyed them from generation to generation.


These Pu’er teas are aged at least one-year and are perfect for beginning your exploration into the world of Pu’er or for experienced Pu’er drinkers who love that classic Menghai taste.

Select Series

Our Select Series uses leaves from high up in the misty New Six Famous Tea Mountains in Menghai, the Land of Pu’er.


We age these fine Pu’er teas for three-years and their unique qualities, tastes and aromas are favored by Pu’er explorers looking for subtle new flavors.

Imperial Series

Our Imperial Series teas are exquisite, similar to the Pu’er reserved as tribute tea to the imperial emperor in days of old.


All these Pu’er teas use leaves from the high-mountain ancient wild Arbor trees; choice picks impeccably blended by our tea masters.


Aged at least five years, these teas are simply luxury.

Master Series

Our tea masters choose the best leaves from the centuries old ‘King of Tea Trees’.


Individually hand-crafted by the world’s most renowned tea masters and aged a minimum of ten years; our Master Series Pu’er teas are rare and exceptional.


Every detail down to the sublime artwork of the presentation package makes these teas truly special. They are ideal as exclusive gifts and adored by connoisseurs and collectors.