Partnership Requirements

What Taetea asks of you...

120409_partners_1.pngWe, at the Taetea Group, have been meticulous in our efforts to develop our strong reputation for quality and reliability in China over the past 70 years.


To ensure the Taetea name enjoys the same reputation outside of China we require our partners to observe a similar value system:


That our partner’s methods and ethics align with ours. With a strong emphasis on:



Honesty - Integrity – Quality – Performance - Customer Care - Service



120410_IMG_1468.jpgThat all partners have experience selling tea for at least one year and have a clear understanding of tea market potential in your area and have the capability to fulfil agreed sales targets.



That our partners cultivate a certain level of presentation compatible with Taetea: a professional, organized, reputable company image.



That our partner’s business set-up adheres to certain industry standards, such as; management and marketing capabilities and good financial standing in order to cope with market risks as they may arise.


That your business has adopted systems to ensure; excellent customer service and professional service staff, a good company atmosphere and team spirit, credible social and business networks.