Global Partners

Taetea - The World's Most Trusted Name in Pu'er Tea

120409_01_1.pngThe Taetea Group is interested in working with tea lovers in every country. We are in the process of forming a strong network of Global Partners.


Taetea adheres to the highest level of quality control at every stage of the Pu’er process; from our tea fields to the shelf in your tea store:



Growing – Processing – Packaging – Marketing – Sales - Logistics – Delivery - Support



At Taetea we value long-term relationships and wish to cultivate business partnerships that will last for generations to come.


120409_partners_2.pngAs partners we offer support in every field necessary to ensure successful collaborations:



Samples - Marketing – Promotion – Training – After Sales Assistance



If you would like to learn more about partnership opportunities or wholesale agreements with the Taetea Group please read the information in this section of our website and feel free to contact us with any questions.