Youth Tea

Pu’er is the most potent youth tonic among teas

Drinking Pu’er daily will keep you healthy and beautiful, inside and out.


The major cause of visible ageing is the process of oxidation and formation of free radicals in cells.




Healthy, Youthful Appearance 


The antioxidants we consume in our diet help inhibit this process to give a healthy youthful appearance.



But many of us consume a lot of processed and packaged foods, and don’t get all the antioxidants we could benefit from.



Vitamins A, C, and E are some of the most well known antioxidants, but the catechin found in tea is an antioxidant 18 times more powerful than vitamin E.



Protects Fibroblast Cells


Catechin has the ability to disrupt the activity of free radicals which cause not just ageing but also cancers.


Pu’er tea also actively protects human fibroblast cells (connective tissue) from damage.



Optimum Combination


The unique Yunnan Arbor big-leaf maocha used to make Pu’er contains more catechin than any other category of tea. And the way in which Pu’er is processed doubles its Vitamin C levels.


This optimum combination of nutrients and antioxidants combats ageing, strengthens the immune system, and promotes longevity, making Pu’er the most potent youth tonic among teas.