Weight Loss Tea

Pu’er literally eats unwanted fat

Pu’er tea aids weight loss in several different ways.


Pu’er is calorie free and improves both circulation and metabolism. By replacing your morning coffee or lunchtime soft drink with Pu’er tea, you cut your calorie intake, and also burn more energy.




Stimulates The Metabolism


The caffeine in Pu’er helps stimulate the metabolism, aids memory, and improves alertness and judgement.



However, Pu’er never causes the ‘caffeine/sugar crash’ or jittery symptoms felt after coffee and soft drinks, which often leads to cravings for a high calorie ‘fix’.



Increased Energy


This is because Pu’er contains theanine which acts as a balancer. Theanine is the main amino acid in tea and gives it both its flavour and its calming effect by triggering alpha-waves in the brain.



This ensures that the increased energy and alertness you experience is sustained.




Eliminates Fat From The Body


Pu’er has the unique ability to increase the rate your body can metabolise fats.



Pu’er contains polyphenols which aid the digestion of fat so that it is broken down and eliminated from the body rather than stored.



Sustainable Weight Loss


Pu’er also contains elements which bond with cholesterol molecules and prevent their absorption into the body.


Experts at Fukuoka University in Japan have confirmed in scientific studies that Pu’er tea inhibits the absorption of fat and blocks the enzyme that converts nutrients into fat in the liver. Subjects drinking Pu’er not only lost more weight, but also maintained that weight loss after the trials were complete.