Re-Balance Tea

Pu’er gives you back your balance

Pu’er tea has a remarkable rebalancing effect on the entire body.


Pu’er rebalances sugar, enzyme, fat, vitamin and mineral levels from the system level right down to the cellular level. For this reason, Pu’er is an ideal accompaniment to rebalancing or improving your health habits.



120423_IMG_3375.jpgPu'er Can Help



Whether you’re aiming to become more active, following a weight loss programme, or abstaining from caffeine or alcohol, Pu’er can help.



By quenching your thirst efficiently, and helping your body fully meet its nutritional and mineral needs, Pu’er supports your new healthy lifestyle.





Cravings Disappear


Drinkers of Pu’er have found that cravings for coffee, wine, or chocolate, simply disappear when replaced with a pot of Pu’er tea.


And every time you drink it, you have the added mood boost of knowing you’re doing something good for yourself.