Holistic Health

Pu’er tackles root causes to balance your body & mind

Taetea Pu’er is a rebalancing, revitalising tea with positive benefits for complete mind/body health; the ideal restorative to combat the physical and mental stresses of everyday modern life.



Balance Body & Mind


While Western medicine focuses largely on symptomatic relief, ancient Chinese wisdom and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have always aimed at holistic health; a balance of both body and mind.


Rather than mask symptoms with painkillers, the root cause of the malady is sought and treated.



Increase Energy, Improve Confidence 


At Taetea the interconnection between physical and mental wellbeing is fully recognised and understood.


As well as enjoying the physical benefits of Pu’er, regular Pu’er drinkers report increased energy, vitality and motivation, a calm, happy, balanced mood, higher levels of creativity and confidence, and improved concentration.