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Pu’er increases your sex drive

Pu’er tea strengthens the immune system on all levels from eliminating toxins and poisons from the blood, promoting the healthy digestion and processing of everything you consume, defending the body against bacteria, and creating balance within all organs and systems of the body.


Your increased health and vitality becomes evident from your clear glowing complexion, your calm happy demeanour, your energy and zest for life.



Imporve Memory, Confidence & Creativity


The results of a body working in balance and harmony are exponential; a healthy body begets a healthy mind, explaining the mental benefits ascribed to Pu’er such as improved memory, willpower, confidence and creativity.


Regular drinkers of Pu’er have reported a seemingly endless catalogue of positive change, such as better class and exam grades, lessened symptoms of PMS, desire to exercise more, fewer food cravings and reduced appetite, cured insomnia, and higher sex drive.


Try it, and see what Pu’er can do for you.