Cancer Preventing Tea

Pu’er attacks free radicals in your body

It is long known that, statistically, those living in regions with high tea consumption are less likely to contract cancer.


Yunnan province, the home of Pu’er tea, has a notably low incidence of cancer, and the city of Pu’er has a particularly low rate of cancer, even within Yunnan.



Pu'er Tea's Protective Elements


Pu’er contains both organic and metallic elements that help prevent the formation and spread of cancers.


The organic substances include catchenin, theanine, phenol, theophylline and vitamins, while the other protective elements include zinc, molybdenum, and manganese.


When the anti-oxidants in Pu’er attack free radicals in the body, the cells are protected and the chain reactions which could lead to uncontrolled cancerous growths are prevented.