Yixing Purple-Clay Pottery Workshop

Taetea Purple-Clay Pottery - Crafting Tradition in the 21st Century


In 2011 the Taetea Group founded Yixing Ceramic Craftsmanship Workshop.


In the beautiful city of Yixing, Jiangsu Province, we make purple clay pottery of the highest quality.





Our handmade porcelain teapots include:



History & Culture Series


Classic Craft Series


Mansheng Series


Taetea Tea-Ware Series





Our Style - Be Part of the Tradition


We make all our tea-ware in ancient Yixing; renowned as the city of ceramics and the birthplace of purple-clay pottery.


Using age old methods and craftsmanship we select the finest materials to produce the highest quality purple-clay ceramics.


We are dedicated to using the best fusion of traditional and modern methods to achieve our goal – to create tea-ware that is practical, stylish and sought by tea artisans and collectors alike.



120409_96.jpgEncouraging Creativity


We cultivate creativity – our Yixing Workshop attracts top designers from China’s best institutions; such as the Academy of Art & Design at Tsinghua University.


We are creating tea-ware for the 21st Century – integrating traditional, modern and innovative design into our unique pottery lines






Taetea - Setting the Standard


Our Workshop devotes itself to creating the highest model of quality for purple-clay pottery.


We call it MTA – sourcing, developing and adapting the best:



Materials - Technology - Art


Our teaware cannot be imitated, 


You know true craftsmanship when you see it…touch it…drink from it…



*Taetea Yixing Workshop teapots and sets will be available to purchase from this site at a later date.

For now please explore the world of purple-clay pottery in our website.