Taetea Arts & Events

A Platform For Evolving Tea Culture

120420_01_1.pngIn November 2011 we staged the first ever Taetea Tea Carnival.


This large-scale, three-day celebration of tea was the first of its kind in China.


Our tea party brought together the worlds of:





Tea & Art

Tea & Photography

Tea & Design

Tea & Yoga

Tea & Music

Tea & Dance





The Carnival saw tea ceremony performances from Chinese, Korean and Japanese Tea Ambassadors.


The crowds were entertained by famous Yunnanese singers, musicians and dance troupes.


Taetea also offered tea lovers the rare opportunity to sample China’s most refined and ancient teas while soaking up the international carnival atmosphere.



120420_55.jpgThe Essence Of Tea Culture



This annual Taetea Carnival provides a platform for tea enthusiasts from all over the world to meet and share their love of tea and tea culture.



Through searching and sharing, communicating and understanding we discover and experience the true essence of teaism.



The Carnival is also a platform for Chinese tea culture to evolve in the 21st Century as well as bringing the beauty of Chinese teaism to the world stage.



Future Tea Carnivals


Taetea will hold its Tea Carnival in early November every year to celebrate the November 1st birthday of the Menghai Tea Factory.


Each year a different major city will host our celebration of tea; first across China, then expanding through Asia and soon, all over the world.



2012 Taetea Carnival


Our Carnival is the medium bringing together tea enthusiasts and experts from all tea-loving countries – a place to meet and make friends, talk and share ideas.


This is the center for the evolution of tea culture, tea art and teaism. See you at our 2012 Tea Carnival.


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