Where Is Pu'er?

The Birthplace of Tea

Yunnan is where tea was born. And Pu’er is what Yunnan does best.


Pu’er tea took its name from the market town of Pu’er in south Yunnan where the tea was first processed and traded like it still is today.



120416_72.jpgSouth Of The Clouds 



Yunnan is so high up that its name means ‘South of the Clouds’. Here, a stone’s throw from the Tibetan Plateau, near the Himalayas, Tibet, Nepal and Shangri-La is where we grow our Pu’er.



Our lush tea fields are at the top of the world: between 1700 – 1800m (5600 – 6000ft) above sea-level.



Big Tree Country


Up here our tea touches the heavens; the air is crisp and pure and the soil is clean with no run-off of chemical fertilizers or other impurities. Yunnan is big tea-tree country and some of our tea-trees are over 2000 years old with thick trunks and leaves as big as your hand.


This is wild and rustic. This is Yunnan.