Save The Big Tree

Menghai, Xishuangbanna - The Kingdom of Plants

Our Pu’er forests in south Yunnan are home to more than 7000 trees and plants that grow together in a perfect harmonious ecological system.


The nutrients from this wild symphony feed the ancient big-leaf Pu’er trees.



120417_1_1.jpgAncient Forests


The vibrant Hani, Bulang, Dai, Jinuo, Lahu, Yi and Wa tribes have lived in and off these ancient tree forests for many generations.


They respect the forest and the tea-trees. The tea has given them and their ancestors’ nutrition and livelihood. They worship the tea-tree in their religious ceremonies.


Their cultures revolve around growing, picking, processing, drinking and trading in Pu’er.



Protect The Big Tree


People are the biggest danger to the survival of this Yunnan big-leaf tea-tree.


The population of south Yunnan and the Xishuangbanna region is growing rapidly and the subsequent development, not all of it legal, puts the ancient forests at serious risk.


Recently the local authorities have taken measures to protect the big tree, but in our modern world where profit is always put first, the best way to secure the future for the big tree is for it to be profitable and given positive public and media attention:



If the west shows a spirited interest in Pu’er this will ensure the survival of the big trees, the tea forests, the tea villages and the ancient Pu’er way of life.  


DRINK PU’ER – Help save the Big Tree and the Pu’er Life for the indigenous tribes of Yunnan