Our Tea Mountains

Tea From the Top of the World

We grow our tea in the world’s perfect Pu’er garden – the New Six Famous Tea Mountains in Menghai, just south of the Mekong River in Xishuangbanna.


In the ancient local Dai language, Xishuangbanna was known as the ‘Miraculous Utopia’, with the ideal balance of sun and rain all year round.



Sea Of Clouds


120416_611_1.jpgOur two tea mountains, Bada and Bulan, have over 16 square kilometers or 4000 acres of prime Pu’er growing plantations at the optimum elevation; between 1700 – 1800m (5600 – 6000ft) above sea-level.



Rainforest Region


Which means our Pu’er is often growing in a ‘Sea of Clouds’. Only at this altitude, with these optimum conditions, and the rich fertile soil of this sub-tropical rainforest region, do you find the terroir necessary to produce Taetea’s unique range of taste profiles.



For Perfect Pu’er :


Taste – Aroma – Texture – Color - Leaf -  Quality


It must be Menghai, it must be Taetea.





For more detailed information on Taetea’s growing, processing and storing traditions see: OTA