Our Tea Farmers

The World’s First Tea Farmers

The men and women who grow Taetea Pu’er are the indigenous tribal people of Menghai in tropical south Yunnan and they’ve been growing Pu’er since tea was first discovered.


Our tea specialists work closely with our farmers; balancing the most up-to-date growing methods and technology with the ancient touch and knowledge passed down through the generations of tea farmers in Menghai.



Quality Standard


Every season; for our Spring Tea, Summer Tea or Autumn Tea, the Menghai Tea Factory sets the quota and quality standard.


Over a thousand people work together on the mountains to meet the rising call for Teatea Pu’er.



120416_59.jpgHand Picked, Sun-Dried


There are more than 360 families living on Bada and Bulan mountains. They are joined by hundreds of farmers and Pu’er tea experts from the surrounding villages, with mostly Bulan, Lahu and Dai ethnic people making up the numbers from the local minorities.



The leaves are hand-picked, then fired and sun-dried in bamboo wicker trays. Each farmer takes his or her yield to the Tea Factory and our tea master makes a cup of fresh Pu’er with the loose leaves.



Meeting The Taetea Standard


If our tea master is satisfied with the taste and aroma then the batch goes through a series of tests by our experts to ensure it meets the Taetea standard.


Only then can we accept the leaves and begin the timely delicate process of producing great Pu’er. For more detailed information on Taetea’s growing, processing and storing traditions see: OTA