Original Source Water

‘The leaf is the body but the water is the soul.’ Ancient Chinese Tea Wisdom

In the land of Pu’er the story goes that nobody can ever match the unique Taetea taste because we use the water from the ‘Original Source Well’.


Walk into the Menghai Tea Factory  and the three stone arches marking the Yi Yuan Well are the first thing you’ll see. As the popularity of Pu’er grew throughout China and the world it became difficult to source the quantities of high quality water necessary to produce the best Pu’er.


We dug many wells around the region but the quality or quantity of the water was always lacking.



Abundance Of Water


One day a man was walking in the grounds of the Menghai Tea Factory itself. He noticed that a rich breed of local grass was particularly dense and lush right outside the Pressed Tea Workshop.


120406_2.jpgWe bagan to dig but the well took three times as long as any other because there was such an abundance of water.


When we finally reached the source at 10 meters (32.8 ft.) the water was so pure that you could see the white sand at the bottom.


Crystal Clear


The water quality is excellent; crystal clear and very clean.


We sprinkle this water on the tea-leaves during the pile-fermentation process and it is this water that gives us the subtle sweet aftertaste for which Taetea Pu’er is famous.



                     The Three Arches of the Yi Yuan Well


Our ‘Original Source Well’ has gained a legendary status and for Taetea’s 70th birthday we made a large recreational area around it. The well was blessed by the head monk of the local Buddhist Temple and today Taetea enthusiasts travel thousands of miles to picnic and drink Pu’er by the famous well.



The name Yi Yuan 一源 is from the ancient Chinese philosophy Tao Te Ching 道德经:




‘Heaven and earth come from one. The Tao is the source, the one.’



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