Ethnic Pu'er

‘The mountains are high and the emperor is far away.’ Old Yunnan Saying

Planet Yunnan - One of the most diverse places for people, flora and fauna in the world.





Spicy Tribal Mix


Yunnan has 24 of China’s 56 ethnic minorities. South Yunnan, where we grow our Pu’er, is home to 13 of these colorful groups.



These people bring a spicy tribal mix to Yunnan; each speaking their own language, with their own art and music, their own culture and love of Pu’er.



Wild Arbor Tea-Trees


For thousands of years the Hani, Bulang, Dai and many more tribes have lived alongside each other in peaceful harmony growing, picking, processing and drinking Pu’er.



Today tea is the most popular drink in the world after water, and it was here the history of tea began.



Energy & Strenght


The ancient people of south Yunnan found their forest filled with 6meter (20ft.) tall wild Arbor tea-trees and they discovered that when consumed the leaves gave you energy and strength.


And so began the journey of the world’s most famous health tonic.


Hani Woman With Two Pressed Pu'er Mushrooms