The Eight Teachings of the Taeteaism Tea Ceremony

Discover the way of tea, discover teaism

After water, tea is the most popular drink in the world.


It is also a very healthy beverage, but there is more to tea than just drinking it. The culture of tea, ‘Teaism’ or ‘The Way of Tea’ is a lifestyle, a way of living that can be very beneficial to the quality of your life.



The Art Of Tea


Tea and the Chinese tea ceremony help promote a healthier body, a healthier mind and therefore a healthier world.


120410_IMG_0113.jpgThe roots of the tea ceremony dig deep into China’s culture and its leaves have come to touch every part of Chinese life.


The ceremony is the expression of the master; the art of tea by the tea artist.


It asks us to pause and appreciate the beauty of the spirit of man and nature brought together in peaceful performance.


Though the ceremony is almost as old as the tea-mountains; there is no standardized ceremony in China.




Taetea believes the tea ceremony is a crucial element in the balance of our modern world and therefore has created its own standards and structure to suit the ceremony to Yunnan Pu’er tea.