Taste of Pu’er

Taetea Pu'er - A World of Taste

Pu’er is a full-bodied silky tea with a slight sweet aftertaste. The taste and aroma of Pu-er has been likened to a deep breath of fresh air in a springtime pine forest after heavy rains.

The flavor and bouquet of Pu’er is reminiscent of the place it was grown and the house it was fired – bamboo, flowers, nuts and spices brought to life with every sip.



120411_IMG_1543.jpgPu'er Harmony

All Taetea Pu’er has great character and our tea masters use their highly tuned senses of taste, smell, sight and even touch to harmonize the different Pu’er flavors and guarantee that the Pu’er taste you love is the taste you get in your cup, every time.



It can take time to develop a full appreciation for the exotic complex flavor of Pu’er. As it takes time to produce the great tea itself or develop a palate for fine wine.  



A World of Tastes


But, in many ways, describing the taste of Pu’er is like trying to explain the color ‘green’. Green is distinct from any other color, yet it has many different shades as there are many flavors to Pu’er. 

The variety of flavors of Pu'er is without a doubt the most exotic among teas. To experience a world of tastes from the lush mountains of Yunnan you’ll have to try for yourself. 

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Taetea and the Menghai Tea Factory have been making the world’s best Pu’er for over 70 years.