Serving Suggestions

Your Pu’er, Your Way

Our suggestions for making a great cup of Taetea Pu'er:


120411_7.jpg1. Fill your teapot or other container to 1/4 or 1/5 of the capacity. We suggest a small pot suitable for many short infusions.


2. Awaken the tea: Soak the tea leaves in boiled water for up to 10 seconds. Then throw this brew away.


3. Infuse the tea leaves with freshly boiled water again for five seconds and pour this second brew into your teacup for a perfect cup of Teatea Pu’er.


4. For further infusions the brewing time depends on your own taste preference - the longer you brew the stronger the taste.


5. Because of the quality of Taetea Pu’er, it can be brewed many times, up to 30 cups. Simply keep adding freshly boiled water, and experience a different taste sensation with each brew.


6. Follow these brewing guidelines to fully appreciate the superior quality and flavor of Taetea Pu’er.


Pu’er is the most versatile of teas – you can steep for 30 seconds or as long as 30 minutes, just find the right taste for you. Pu’er rarely gets bitter and you can drink cup after cup…enjoy.


For more detailed brewing and serving suggestions see: Eight Teachings of the Taeteaism Tea Ceremony



Other Serving Suggestions


Pu’er, like all tea in Asia, is enjoyed by just adding water. And passionate Pu’er lovers insist that Pu’er is best drunk using this traditional method.


However, many new drinkers of Pu’er like to give their tea a new twist.



Over time we’ve heard of a variety of new ways to enjoy Pu’er:



The Cantonese who settled in California often add dried osmanthus flowers, pomelo rinds, or chrysanthemum flowers to the pot, to add a lightness and a fresh fragrance to the Pu’er.



You can brew wolfberries with Pu’er, or add ginger or lemon to give extra spice and help blood circulation.



Tibetans drink Pu’er with yak milk or butter, and a spoon of honey in your Pu’er is a great remedy for a head cold.



The Hani ethnic minority Pu’er growers often like to mix theirs with rice-wine alcohol (similar to moonshine or poitin in Ireland).



Whether you enjoy your tea in the traditional Asian way, or you like to try these, or your own Pu’er fusions, Taetea Pu’er keeps its dependable delicious flavor and its unique healthy rebalancing properties.