Ripe Pu’er

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Ripe Pu’er is also known as shou, cooked or black Pu’er.


In 1973 our Menghai Tea Factory invented a new method for fermenting Pu’er tea. This made it possible to produce Pu’er in a few months instead of years. It also did not pose the trials of natural ageing that raw Pu’er did.



120417_96_1.jpgNew World Of Pu'er


This method was called ‘Artificial Pile Fermentation’ and it created a whole new world of Pu’er.


The method calls for the leaves to be oxidized before the fermentation process.


Then we set the maocha leaves into plies and gently spray them with a mist of water from our Yi Yuan Well. Finally we cover the moist leaves with a hemp cloth.


Heat and moisture are carefully applied to emulate the natural ageing process.



Optimum Conditions


The active microbes develop just as they would in nature, only in optimum conditions where they thrive.


For sixty to seventy days we keep the leaves in these conditions and regularly turn them while the heat and humidity are strictly monitored.



Deep Burnt-Umber Liquor


120405_17.jpgThe result is a dark, reddish tea with a bold earthy sweet flavor; rich like freshly turned moist soil.


The aroma hints of the forest floor after a spring shower. And the deep burnt-umber liquor is tinged with a red-orange hue.


After a period in the drying room we press the Ripe Pu’er into bricks, mushrooms, cakes or whatever shape is desired.



Settle Flavor, Develop Character 


If stored correctly Ripe Pu’er will age and mellow even further for up to ten years but it is ready to drink immediately after fermentation.


We age our Ripe Pu’er teas between one and ten years to let their flavors settle and characters develop.




Ripe Pu’er is the most popular today because it has a more balanced taste, which the majority of Pu’er drinkers prefer.


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