Raw Pu’er

Naturally Aged Big-Leaf Tea

Raw Pu’er is also known as sheng, uncooked or green Pu’er



5 Distinct Characteristics of Raw Pu’er




1. Arbor tea-tree leaves grown higher than 1700m (5577ft.) above sea level


2. An abundance of large leaves and spring buds


3. A sweet distinctive taste


4. Refinement of age


5. High in tea chi, positive energy from its good environment



The most important distinction of raw Pu’er is that it is compressed and then naturally aged over a long period. It is not oxidized prior to fermentation.



Depth Of Charachter 


Legend has it that the first raw Pu’er was discovered more than a thousand years ago as the maocha bricks naturally fermented while strapped to horses on the long journey from Pu’er Town to Tibet along the Ancient Tea Horse Road.


Raw Pu’er has a wonderful depth of character celebrated in the tea world. It is in this tea that the taste of Yunnan; the terroir and essence of the rich Menghai soil really comes through.


A complex taste, it is both smooth and sweet with lingering hints of smoke and wood. The aroma is the clean fragrance of plants plucked from a healthy forest. The brew is clear burnt liquor, tinged with a golden amber hue.



120411_24.jpgExhilarating Nature


Raw Pu’er is the real prize for the avid collector or enthusiast, but Taetea has a wide range of raw Pu’er to suit every taste and budget.


The exhilarating nature of raw Pu’er is due to subtle factors at each stage of its process from our tree to your cup.


The unique terroir of Menghai – precise manufacturing techniques – optimum storage conditions and the advantage of slow ageing over many years all combine to give raw Pu’er its unique qualities and flavor.


The tea’s active microbes, the natural humidity of south Yunnan, and the slow transformation makes the astringent young leaves mellow. This mellowing gives us a rich robust tea and a flavor that remains sweetly in the mouth.



Positive Energy Stores


Raw Pu’er has the highest levels of tea chi. Good raw Pu’er has great stores of positive energy in its leaves.


Vintage raw Pu’er takes years to gather its strength and brings powerful feelings of bliss and tranquility to the drinker.


High quality raw Pu’er can be stored for over a hundred years and today the best can sell at auction for thousands of dollars per ounce, many times the price of gold.


Please explore Our Products to choose the Pu’er that best suits your tastes.


For more details on our growing, processing and storage see: OTA