Quality Pu’er

Taetea – Over 70 Years of Quality Pu’er

Pu’er is a delicious healthy tea filled with tea chi or energy, and good quality Pu’er can make you feel great.


The Chinese know quality Pu’er when they drink it. Ours is the Pu’er tea of choice for the millions and millions of satisfied customers who’ve made Taetea China’s favorite Pu’er for over 70 years.



Perfect Pu'er


Our tea masters, steeped in centuries of Pu’er culture, use their experience and highly-tuned senses to make sure you get the perfect cup of Taetea Pu’er every time.




Look - See when the leaf is ready for picking


Hear – Listen and know when the leaves have been fired just right


Touch – Rub and twist the leaves tenderly to loosen the tea flavors


Smell – Inhale the refreshing aroma after steeping the leaves


Taste – The true quality of Pu’er can only be revealed when the tea is tasted




Our tea masters know how to create the Pu’er taste you love.


For guaranteed quality every time, we are the name you can trust – Just choose Taetea