Making Pu’er

The Living Tea – Tea for Life

Pu’er tea is one of the six classes of tea: 

Green, White, Yellow, Black, Oolong & Pu’er



Unique Properities 

120411_29DSC_8743.jpgPu’er is China’s most exceptional tea and it can take time to develop a full appreciation of the flavor just as it takes time to develop a palate for fine wine.


Pu’er comes from an ancient big-leaf Arbor tea tree and it goes through a special fermentation process so it has its own unique properties. 



Fabulously Fermented

Fabulously fermented, Pu’er owes its enticing taste and its long list of health benefits mostly to the array of bacteria, molds and fungi that flourish in the tropics of Menghai, south Yunnan.


These simple organisms magically transform during the Pu’er fermentation process to make China’s most interesting and exotic tea. 



Hand Rolled, Sun-Dried

All Pu’er tea is made from maocha, an un-oxidized green tea from the Arbor broad tea-leaf. The leaves are withered, roasted, hand rolled, kneaded and left to dry in the sun, turned several times and finally graded. 

How we blend our maocha depends on the Pu’er it is destined to become. Taetea blends the freshest young buds and shoots with mature broad leafs, mid-spring buds with average-sized leaves along with the finest pickings from the ancient 700 year-old Arbor ‘King of Tea Trees’.

From our wide range of finely blended maocha we make two distinct types of Pu’er:

Raw Pu’er & Ripe Pu’er