Legally Pu’er

If it's Pu'er it must be from Yunnan

Xishuangbanna, in South Yunnan alongside the Tibetan Plateau is the birthplace of tea and Pu’er is the genetic mother of all tea. 

Pu’er is geographically unique to Yunnan and this classification is enforced by Chinese law. 



Pu’er must adhere to several characteristics to be worthy of its name. 

• It must be big-leaf from the Arbor tree

• The leaves must be sun-dried120409_factorystamp.png

• It must follow the unique ageing process

• It must be from Yunnan



Geographically Unique

120411_66.jpgThe climate, soil and environment of Yunnan greatly influence the characteristics and complex tastes of Pu’er, making it impossible to recreate this tea elsewhere and very much a product of Yunnan.

Fermented maocha tea produced in Hunan and Guangdong, along the Laos and Vietnam borders, or anywhere else outside Yunnan falls short on quality requirements and therefore is not classed as Pu’er. 

In 2008 the Chinese government declared Pu’er tea as “a product with geographical indications”. This restricts the naming of tea as Pu’er to tea produced within specific regions of Yunnan Province.  




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