The Connoisseur’s Tea

The Treasure of Tea

“A wandering mind spoils the tea – awareness and well-made tea are one in the same.”

Old Chinese Proverb


Pu’er in China is often referred to as the connoisseur’s tea.


There is a lifetime of new taste experiences in the world of Pu’er. The taste of Pu’er is considered by many tea enthusiasts to yield the most subtle and sophisticated balance of sweet, spicy, bitter and earthy.


Every Pu’er tea you sample will reveal a different fusion to savor and depending on year, season and blend each Taetea Pu’er will disclose its own personal nuance; from woodsy and floral to smoky and nutty.



Three Mouths of Tea


120405_672033_.jpgLiterally, every cup of tea is completely unique.


Tea lovers in China like to experience the taste of their tea in three ‘mouths’ or stages:


Sweetness – Is discovered on the tip of the tongue


Tartness – Is recognized by the middle of the tongue


Bitterness – Is appreciated at the back of the tongue



This simple technique can be practiced to learn to fully taste of your Taetea Pu’er:


1. Breathe out

2. Take a sip of Pu’er

3. Let the tea rest in your mouth while you breathe in gently through your nose

4. Swallow the tea

5. Breathe out

6. Your retro-nasal passages will be filled with the rich aroma



Appreciate Tea, Appreciate Life


Understanding the different qualities of a wide range of Pu’er and the many aspects of the tea brewing and drinking ritual are all important.


Questions such as:


Which is the best teaware?


Or, how long should I steep the leaves?


…Are important to appreciate the best taste, aroma and other qualities of Taetea Pu’er.


But we believe that the first step to becoming a tea connoisseur is in the mind.





Appreciate Every Moment


Taking the time to appreciate every moment in the tea drinking process is excellent practice for appreciating every moment of your life.



Tea and life are not so much things as a series of experiences. We can choose our whole lives to revolve around a scattering of big ‘Hollywood’ moments – graduation, wedding, births of our children – or we can savor and enjoy a million wonderful experiences every day.



Pu’er is beneficial as a health supplement and a nourishing hot drink but if you have the time and want to develop your Pu’er experience into a meditation and an art-form then please see the links below…






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