The Tea of Life

Pu’er can be very beneficial to your body and mind but like all remedies you must use it properly:



Pu’er After Meals

Pu’er has been described as a ‘slimmer’s’ tea because it eats unwanted fat in your body. Pu’er tea is an excellent digestif and therefore the ideal drink to relax with after a meal. It has been appreciated after meals by Tibetans, the indigenous tribes of Yunnan and the Chinese for centuries. Regularly drinking Pu’er tea helps you lose weight.


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120411_IMG_1592.jpgPu’er Helps you Sleep

Pu’er has a high level of theanine; the tea particle that relaxes and gives you that calming effect.


Pu’er is also very low in caffeine, so a lightly brewed cup of Pu’er is also ideal before bedtime. The nurturing velvety texture of Pu’er gives you a warm soothing effect for a peaceful night’s sleep.



Pu’er Eases an Upset Stomach

Pu’er is well-known for its benefits to the digestive system because it increases the juices released in your body to aid and ease digestion, and also alleviating



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Pu’er After Alcohol


Pu’er tea is renowned among the indigenous tribal people of Yunnan as the best means to combat the damage caused after drinking alcohol. 


Pu’er helps soothe a hangover by re-hydrating your body but most importantly it gives the liver a helping hand to repair itself so it can do its job better; processing toxins and poisons and getting you back to your best. 


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