About Pu'er

Yunnan Pu’er - Aged Big Leaf Tea

It’s the life in Pu’er that makes it so special.


The rich nutrition of the ancient big tea leaves combined with the unique curing process makes Pu’er the healthiest tea.



Ageing Process


In the tropical Pu’er fields and forests active microbes thrive on the fresh moist leaves.


After we pick our Pu’er we allow it to develop and mature through a curing, or ageing process.


This process allows the active microbes to grow and flourish creating the ingredients that give Pu’er its many health benefits.



120411_50_1.jpgTea Life, Tea Chi


It is this Tea Life, or Tea Chi, which make Pu’er renowned as a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with restorative powers.



The secret curing process, which has been guarded by Chinese tea masters for over a thousand years, is what led the tribal tea-growers in the mountains of Yunnan to call Pu’er;



‘The Living Tea’ or ‘Tea for Life’



Over the centuries Pu’er has become known by many names:


Health Tea - Beauty Tea - Longevity Tea - The Treasure of Tea


See Definition of Pu'er for more details